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Meet The Hosts of GSL

About Us

Greatest Sports Legends: Then and Now is a studio show hosted by two sports personalities: Gregg Murphy (“Murph”), and Wes Hall.


Of this dynamic duo, Murph is the “Then,” and Wes is the “Now,” as they debate, discuss, and compare eras and legends of the past with those of today. Clips from the classic Greatest Sports Legends series are interspersed to give the series a nostalgic feel.

The Hosts

The Hosts of GSL

Greg Murphy Host Greatest Sports Legends GSL
Wes Hall

Host, GSL

Wes is a sports commentator covering football, basketball, cycling, and tennis. Funny, informed, and talented, Wes brings energy and entertainment to all his broadcasts.

Greg Murphy Host Greatest Sports Legends GSL
Gregg Murphy

Host, GSL

“Murph,” a long-time sports broadcaster, is a beloved sports personality out of Philly, with a particular passion for baseball. With his deep sports knowledge, Murph is the “Then” in GSL’s “Then and Now.”

Marc Farzetta

'Farzy' is a sports personality whose radio background makes him the perfect Producer, Narrator, and Arbitrator of disputes on “Then and Now.”

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